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Vamosa Technologies is a division of T-Systems, which specialises in content migration to Cloud, On-Premises or Hybrid Cloud systems. Watch the video.

Cloud Migrations

Content migration from on premise applications into the cloud, cloud to cloud or cloud to on-premise. We have it covered.


Web and Intranet Migrations

Providing a tried and tested content migration strategy that aligns website data migration with your web investments and your business goals


Document and Records Migration

Delivering tried and tested solutions that manage the requirements around acquisitions, regulatory legislation and information governance


Social and Collaboration Migrations

Solutions that manage wikis and blogs, likes and feedback, mapping functionality/maintaining content authenticity


Mergers & Acquisitions

Support through your journey to consolidate and standardise content obtained from other organisations or departments


Email Migrations

Services to help you manage and perform Active Directory, mailbox and public folder migrations


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– Watch the Video –

Vamosa Technologies is a software and services division of T-Systems. We have a suite of software products that connect, analyse, and migrate data from file stores, document management, content management and collaboration systems.

One of our objectives was to provide a platform for content publishing that was robust and scalable. The architecture involved Vamosa’s expertise in establishing a scalable and repeatable migration process.

Kathy DunhamManager of BT/IT HW Business Transformation at IBM

I thought the team did a great job and I appreciated your ongoing support throughout. I’m hoping to work on packaging up our solution at CIBC into a go-to-market offering we can present up front with every client

Harold SchuringaSenior Manager, Digital Marketing and Content - ‎Accenture

We are THRILLED with the OTN-SDN-Vamosa migration project! It all went so well and we are very happy with the technology and the Vamosa team’s knowledge and work. Thank you!

Cristen BolterProject Sponsor, Oracle

Your contribution to the overall 1P4P program helped us to meet our program objectives. Thank you very much

Philipp Andris1P4P Project Manager, Novartis

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Vamosa Migration Architect

Migration Architect is our proprietary data migration software platform, fully built and supported in-house.
The software is built on the .Net platform and uses a NoSql document database. The software comes with a wide array of out-of-the-box source and target Connectors used to interact with various APIs. Custom scripting and rules execution is supported for extending the capabilities, with an embedded IronPython scripting engine at the backbone.

Content is manipulated within the software, with no impact on the source production content as transformations are applied. Flexible Migration Pipelines can be joined together to form complex workflows. Pipelines or workflows can be executed in series or in parallel with advanced scheduling capabilities. All content is fully versioned, with full rollback capabilities allowing for rapid development and multiple test iterations. The software has extensive and flexible reporting available via a built-in interactive web based reporting portal. The software also has an embedded HTTP REST API allowing for integration with other software systems.


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