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I was in Amsterdam a while ago to conduct a workshop and present findings from a cloud assessment carried out by the Vamosa team, for the IBM Connections on-premise environment of one of the Netherlands largest banks.

The bank had asked IBM to perform a Cloud readiness analysis for application/functionality, and to look at the data stored in the IBM Connections application. IBM sub-contracted us, as always, to perform data analysis stored within IBM’s product, thanks to our extensive knowledge of IBM Connections. As part of the project, the customer was looking for a full assessment, including the time and effort required, and the feasibility for them to move from their existing system to the IBM Connections Cloud environment.

The other interesting aspect of this assessment was that we had originally migrated all of the data from their Microsoft SharePoint 2007 environment to their current IBM Connections environment several years ago and now they were looking to move again.

I always look forward to, and enjoy having design discussions with customers and helping them to resolve challenges, and there is no better way  to do this than by having face to face design workshops. This allows both the customer and ourselves to have open discussions, evaluate challenges and propose solutions which are technically feasible and can be delivered.

As part of the assessment, we identified a few challenges regarding functionality and the data itself in moving to the IBM Connections cloud environment, but at the same time, we were able to provide solutions during the workshop. This gave the customer confidence that even though there are challenges, we can help them overcome these during migration.

The customer now has all the information they need to make their decision on whether or not the proposed move to the cloud environment by end of this year is feasible.

The migration project will be challenging – there can be no doubt about that – but the customer has confidence that we can deliver the migration to the highest standard as we have already worked with them in the past, and have a reputable record with on premise to cloud IBM Connections migrations.

Hopefully I will be able to post an update with some good news in the next few weeks.

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