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Yes, We Can Do SAP Archive Migration

By February 14, 2019January 5th, 2024No Comments

Recently, Vamosa migration teams have branched out from our core service of migrating website and collaboration content, into a much wider-ranging data migration service, incorporating non-collaboration migrations.

We’ve always maintained that data is simply data, no matter whether it represents files, rows in a database or pages on a website. It’s this same philosophy, in addition to our very flexible in-house tool-set, that allows us to confidently say that we can migrate from any source to any target. We have delivered now hundreds of projects and without fail, (assuming we can actually access the data), we have successfully completed the migration every time.

What can be a problem, however, is winning business outwith our web and collaboration capability. Large content management migrations are what we are famous for, meaning that the people who recommend us will typically be talking about one of these types of project.

We’re now spreading the word about our broader portfolio through T-Systems internally, as well as via our external website, but until we have a proven track record and start being returned in search results, the danger is that growth in non-collaboration migrations could be slow.

Despite the inevitable slow growth, we are starting to find traction and to build up some strong references, and it’s good to see that some of this is coming from inside T-Systems. We are currently working on two projects which were brought to us by internal teams looking for someone to  help with SAP archive migration. We’re also now looking at a very large records management migration which would eclipse all of our previous projects in terms of scale. All of these projects will provide additional excellent use cases and references to help expand our footprint both inside and outside of T-Systems.

Ultimately, data is simply a collection of ones and zeros, and because we can understand the structures and relationships contained within, we are able to securely and reliably capture, transform and transfer the data content between different platforms.

So, if you hear anyone talking about a problem with content management migration, moving large volumes of ‘data’ from one place to another, or require SAP archive migration, regardless of whether that data is web content, files, archives, emails or records etc., please think of T-Systems Vamosa and our “Anything to Anywhere” motto!

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