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Another milestone was reached this week when one of our customers (a large insurance company) completed their journey from the legacy IBM platform towards the new Microsoft Office 365 Cloud.

The customer was looking for a way to automatically move all of their valuable collaboration and intranet content from their legacy system to the Microsoft Cloud platform. To allow them to complete this with minimal business disruption, they engaged Vamosa T-Systems. As part of the overall migration programme, the journey would involve multiple local entities that will each migrate over time.

Using our purpose built migration factory, which supports migration out of IBM Connections, Quickr and Web Content Manager into Microsoft Office 365, we  completed the migration for a new entity – one of several across Europe. Building on the base requirement for all entities, we introduced some tailored requirements. In this instance, a custom solution was created for the migration of stand-alone activities. This custom content type was used as the target location in Office 365 for the activities and their items. Using our component-based solution we could simply remove one component and add another to support the new requirements.

The migration ensured that the legacy system could be retired and that the business entity had all the content and data ready to use in the new Office 365 Cloud with zero business disruption.

This is yet another example of our consultants delivering a migration to  specification using the flexibility of our migration factory, built within the Vamosa Migration Architect migration software. Read more about our solution and how we can help you migrate into Office 365.

Overall the programme is approaching 60% delivery and with another satisfied entity there will be others to follow on the journey to Office 365.

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