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Empowering Collaboration with Office 365

Whether upgrading from a file store, SharePoint On-Premises or migrating from another content management system, the Microsoft Office 365 platform offers users a powerful set of tools for the content migration process, aimed at promoting collaboration and content creation both within and between teams. Microsoft’s cloud-based software, as a service solution, gives users access to Microsoft’s full collaboration stack of products, the latest versions of Microsoft’s Office applications and 1TB of personal cloud storage in OneDrive. All our products and applications are mobile ready, which means users can access content wherever they have an internet connection, from their desktop, tablet or mobile.

Are you ready to make the change?

A major concern some customers have when upgrading to Office 365, a modern cloud-based platform, is how to move without losing data or existing workflows.

Vamosa’s team of migration consultants and experts  have many years of experience in data extraction and transformation, ensuring data can be fully integrated into the new platform, allowing any organisation to take full advantage of the tools and features available in Office 365 with their legacy files and content. Vamosa will work with customers to design the ideal migration solution for their needs.

The Microsoft collaboration stack

After migration into Office 365, an organisation will be instantly empowered by Microsoft’s collaboration stack, able to begin collaborating in new exciting ways, and with Vamosa’s help, able to take their legacy content with them. Microsoft’s collaboration stack includes a number of tools that can be individually configured and combined to create powerful collaborative workflows and spaces to meet the requirements of any organisation, whether big or small.

Main features included in the stack include:

  • Office 365 Groups – ideal for collaboration within the organisation’s tenant. Groups will include many of the other features such as SharePoint sites, document libraries as well as collaboration within teams
  • SharePoint Sites – a main collaboration space of Office 365 is SharePoint. A SharePoint site will contain its own repository and provides features to create and collaborate on content. Typically a collaboration site can be used for ‘tenant wide’ content, such as an intranet, while team sites will often hold team specific content shared within a group. A newer addition to SharePoint is Hub sites; a Hub site allows a Site Collection administrator to bring together content from different team & communication sites into one place, collecting content from associated sites into one area with a consistent look
  • Collaboration Tools – available to support the collaboration features in Office 365. These tools will include Yammer Groups for forum based discussions, Microsoft Teams for interactive chat, Outlook for email (including shared mailboxes and calendars) and Skype for business for both video and voice conferencing.

The Benefits of Migrating to Office 365

Highly Configurable

The brief description of the tools above hardly scratches the surface of what is possible in Office 365. Office 365 provides the platform and tool-set to create a bespoke collaboration solution, highly configured to meet the needs of any organisation. Office 365 offers customisation options from the highest level, such as site appearance, down to the lowest, the ability to define custom content types used as metadata on items.

Here at Vamosa we are able to take full advantage of these customisation options when designing the ideal migration solution, ensuring that all sites and pages have the perfect look and feel.

Legacy Collaboration Content

When talking about traditional collaboration content, we usually think of page type content such as blogs and wikis. A SharePoint site provides the ideal platform for this kind of content with its highly customisable features and settings, allowing the creation of standard templates and page layouts that can be created to suit the requirements of the legacy page type.

Part of Vamosa’s standard migration project life-cycle is to assist in the design of these items through customer workshops. During the workshops, Vamosa works alongside the customer to develop content mappings and bespoke content transformations, to ensure full integration of your legacy content onto the new platform.

Document Management

Office 365 document management capabilities offer teams a modern feature-rich way of collaborating on files. All of the following features are available for files migrated into the Office 365 environment:

  • Fully integrated with Office applications.
  • Co-authoring of documents.
  • Share internally and externally.
  • File versioning.
  • Access and collaborate from mobile.

New metadata and search capabilities

Migration into Office 365 allows for the addition of new metadata to all documents and pages. New custom fields can be added to any list, allowing for the tagging and categorisation of documents and pages, and this enables increased sorting and search functionality that may not have been possible in the contents original system. By using the metadata on items, custom views can be created in order to surface specific documents or pages that meet defined criteria.


Migrating into Office 365 offers organisations many security benefits which are not possible when data is held in an on-premises system. Moving data to a Microsoft data centre offers an organisation the protection of Microsoft’s full security stack. Microsoft data centres offer 24/7 monitoring of emails, file and networks and comply with many global standard security certifications.

By utilising Vamosa’s experience and expertise to migrate legacy content to Office 365, your organisation can instantly harness Microsoft’s powerful collaboration stack, modernising and breathing new life into some potentially stale and out of date content.

Integration of Microsoft’s tools into an organisation’s workflow offers teams powerful new options for increasing creativity and collaboration. By automating file management and workflows, teams are free to put their focus into being productive and forget about the process.

Vamosa can help you achieve this – read our success story.

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