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Recently we have had conversations with customers where a common question keeps popping up – What type of content do you migrate into SharePoint?

SharePoint/Office 365 is one of those platforms that is a good fit for lots of types of content.

Think of the following:

  • Social & Collaboration content i.e. Jive, IBM Connections, Confluence, etc.
    Source to Target Data Flow

    Source to Target Data Flow

  • File Shares & Document Management Systems i.e. Nas Storage, Box etc.
  • Web i.e. Intranet and Web site content

When your organisation has any of the above and are considering moving them into SharePoint on premise or Office 365 and you are wondering how it can be achieved?

We can do it, using the T-Systems Vamosa Migration Architect migration tool; its painless, reliable, secure and proven. Not only will the content be migrated, relevant metadata such as permissions and date/time stamps can be maintained in the move and security can be built in during the migration to ensure the content is added to SharePoint and relevant permissions are set.

So when a customer asks…

Question: What do you migrate into SharePoint?

Answer: Well, the simple answer will be your data! We migrate Social, Documents and Web!

Take the next step!

A division of T-Systems, Vamosa Technologies specializes in content migration to cloud, on-premises and hybrid cloud systems. With two decades of customer migrations, Vamosa Technologies has experience with a comprehensive range of leading enterprise content management systems. To learn more about services from Vamosa Technologies, please read our case studies and whitepapers or contact us.

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