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There will always be challenges and obstacles in life, but it is the way we handle them which makes all the difference.

Everyone has a story to tell about challenges they have faced and how they’ve successfully overcome them. Here is one we wanted to share relating to a Vamosa cloud migration project.

Standardising and Consolidating Content

One of our customers, a large worldwide hotel brand, had acquired a large mid-scale hotel brand in North America. Vamosa had been involved with the company before, regarding a previous acquisition migration project, so it was great to see their business growth and to be working with them again. Following the acquisition, our challenge was to standardise and consolidate all their content into a central managed Adobe Experience Manager Platform (AEM), using our content migration software to incorporate all content relating to the new brand, covering 900 hotel properties and ensuring that all corporate branding was applied.


Building on the success of the previous project, we agreed that a similar approach to the content management migration process would be used:

  • Data input was provided through a series of inputs in Excel
  • Content creation and update activity was planned to fall outside standard US EST business hours to minimise any impact on the content authors who worked in this time zone
  • Five content migration phases were scheduled, allowing the customer flexibility to manage when data content was migrated and when each hotel would go live. A repeatable process was defined to ensure that consistent results were delivered

During the project, we were faced with a couple of challenges, but working with the customer, we were able to quickly deliver solutions without having to redo any previous work. At the same time,  we helped to deliver cost savings, and remained on-track with the previously agreed timescales for our data migration processes.

In addition to using AEM as a target, there was a requirement for images to be migrated into an Amazon S3 Web Bucket. However, after uploading 9500 images into Amazon S3,  the customer realised that the storage location assigned in the input sheet was ‘flat’ and incorrect. We discussed the options and our content migration strategy was that using our Vamosa migration tool, it would be possible to automatically reorganise the files within S3 into a more suitable folder structure. So, once they informed us of the new structure they wanted, we completed the reorganisation, saving additional work and the time it would have taken to delete and create the images again.

Our second challenge came towards the end of the project, when the customer realised the AEM asset storage location was also in Amazon S3, and because the images uploaded into that location were high quality, they would require over 400 Gigabytes of disk space. This would be expensive to the customer on two fronts; large images used on the website would affect the download time of each page and Amazon S3 was charged at ‘pay for use’.  Our content migration project management team solved this quickly and efficiently when the migration team batch compressed the images in Amazon S3 and reduced the overall size by 90% – delivering  significant savings to the customer.

At Vamosa we believe that there is always a way to solve an issue. Our projects – and our lives – are always throwing ‘spanners in the works’ and we simply need to find a way to solve them. With this cloud migration program we had a couple of challenges, but working together in partnership with the customer we were able suggest effective changes, and ultimately deliver the project and achieve their data content migration objective. Content specifically related to the acquisition was standardised and created within a production system, ensuring each hotel used the same corporate branding, providing a consistent view across the chain.

This reinforces the reasons why the customer approached the T-System migration team to deliver another successful web migration.

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