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  1. A new week and a new win: a Fortune 500 coatings company commissioned a proof of concept migration of their content from IBM Connections to SharePoint Online/Office 365.


The problem

HCL announced that they would no longer be supporting the current cloud model for IBM Connections.  As a result, many existing customers, as well as myriad new and potential customers, understandably have questions about their environment and possible content migration processes.

Can we move their content out of Connections?

Does it have a good fit in their SharePoint Online environment?


The proposal

Answering both with a resounding yes, we can move your content out of Connections.  And, we have a standard process to move from Connections to SharePoint.

Our customer was looking to move their valuable content from legacy and cloud Connections systems to the Microsoft platform.  Using our purpose-built migration factory, supporting migration from IBM Connections into Microsoft Office 365, we ran a proof of concept (POC) mini-migration; from Connections on-premise and Cloud.  With the out-of-the-box (OOTB) configuration, this was a simple demonstration of how straightforward the process is.  It also meant our customer did not have to commit any time for customisation.  So, could they tailor any aspects of the migration?  Certainly!  Specification and design workshops ensure that the content is moved and transformed when and how you want.

The POC is a great starting point to indicate what we do with content and gives peace of mind about what can be achieved.  Having gained an understanding of the possibilities and reliability of our system through the POC migration and being able to interact with the migrated content, our customer has decided to move ahead with a full-scale production migration into SharePoint Online.


Where we add value

Any migration can be a painful process for an in-house team as they experience migration traps and pitfalls.  Skills and resourcing are common issues and there are always quirks and peculiarities in the target and source systems that need strategies and processes developing to deal with them.  We have worked with several companies who have asked us to move their content after attempting it themselves; often as costs spiral or complexities rise.

Our consultants deliver migrations: to-specification; using the flexibility of the migration factory; and built within the Vamosa Migration Architect migration software.  Read more about our solution and how we can help migrate into Office 365.

Come and try us out: Connections Cloud has a hard sunset date from HCL (July 2020), so don’t lose your content, and don’t suffer the pains of a migration unnecessarily, let us help you.  To learn more about services from Vamosa Technologies, please read our case studies and whitepapers or contact us.

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