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The Importance of ChatGPT4

Donald Clark, the author of AI for Learning, said recently that the latest upgrade in March 2023 to the ChatGPT3 system (creating ChatGPT4)had been s the most important technological development in his lifetime.  A massive improvement on the previous incarnation, this new platform is able to give us access to knowledge in crucially important ways, providing a mirror which reflects all of human culture back to us, revolutionising learning and education, and making it faster, cheaper and better for everyone.

Here are a two simple examples to illustrate how easily ChatGPT4 can create content;

Explaining  Data Migration to a 10 Year Old

Have you ever moved to a new house? Well, sometimes computers have to move to a new house too. This is called data migration. It’s when important information from one computer has to be moved to a new computer. This can happen when the old computer is too slow or too small and needs to be replaced.

Moving data can be tricky because you don’t want to lose anything important. It’s like packing up all your toys and clothes to move them to a new house. You need to make sure everything is packed safely and that you can still find everything when you get to the new home.

Data migration can also take a long time, especially if there’s a lot of information to move. But once it’s done, your computer will work faster and you’ll be able to find all your important files on the new computer just like you did on the old one.

Explaining Data Migration in the Style of Shakespeare

Oh, fair and gentle audience! The tale I weave for thee is of great consequence, for it concerns the transport of data betwixt two machines.

‘Tis oft the case that one’s machinery doth age and wither, and must needs retire from service. Then doth arise the need to transfer one’s precious data to a machine of younger and more sprightly nature.

But hark! This task is not for thee faint of heart, for much care and diligence must be applied. One must ensure that every file, every program, every cherished piece of data is safely transported to its new home.

Forsooth, the process may take some time, for there may be much information to convey. But once the migration be complete, one shall rejoice in the swiftness and ease with which the new machine doth operate. And one’s data shall be secure and thriving, in a new and wondrous land.

The passage above was created very quickly by AI!

This is the fastest growing technology out there.  1 million people were using the system within 2 days, with 100 million just 2 months on, and continuing to rise very quickly. A billion users within a relatively short space of time is predicted – and the technology is accessible to most people on the planet.  It looks likely that the future is about to change significantly for humankind.

Here at Vamosa we are integrating AI capabilities into our toolset to assist with data analysis and transformation.  As new features and technologies emerge related to AI, Vamosa will be at the forefront of using these techniques to maximise the quality and consistency of customer data.