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About Us

In 2001, a small team of web experts in Glasgow, Scotland, realised that there was a demand from large organisations to preserve their investment in corporate content – ranging from websites and corporate intranets, through computer records, to files, documents, and other digital assets.

By launching the first commercial cloud content migration service, Vamosa has become synonymous with the concept of content migration.

Our migration charter for all content migrations is driven by our commitment to flexibility and minimising of business impact.  Our charter is based around the following principles:

Over the last 20+ years, the cloud migrations have been diverse in data volumes, in customer sector, in technology base (both source and target) and in complexity.


We can migrate any content from any source system to any target system

The migration project will not require a change embargo or a reduction in access during processing

We can process as much content as you have

We will ensure that security, structure, and metadata are preserved and replicated in the target system

We will provide a full audit of the migrated content including a source to target content object report

We use a standard migration method to ensure accurate and manageable projects

We will work to our customer timescales to ensure migration becomes an integrated part of the bigger change program