Migrating to Cloud

Migrating to Cloud by T-Systems is an app based migration utility that allows organisations to easily, securely
and reliably move cloud based content automatically between different cloud based systems.

Reliable migration of cloud based content applications Request a Demo

- Migrating to Cloud by T-Systems -

Migrate your data from on-premise to cloud.


Fixed Price by volume


The migration application automatically maps from source to target systems


Standardised system transformations automatically applied


Watch your content be automatically migrated in real time

- Why Migrate to the Cloud? -

✓ With years of experience our customers trust us with their data

T-Systems has been successfully migrating our customers content based systems for two decades. No project is too small or large with references of successful migrations ranging from a few hundred Gigabytes to hundreds of terabytes. Our proven technology delivers simple, reliable and secure solutions.

✓ Seamless Migration

Migrating your content for a technology upgrade from one platform to another just became automated, cost effective and simple. T-Systems has the proven ability to deliver simple, secure, reliable migration solutions. T-Systems technology and repeatable processes automatically identify the type of content and process it appropriately, condition the content to fit and work inside the new platform.

✓ Select your Source then simply select your Target

T-Systems Cloudifier automatically maps content from the selected Source system to the selected Target system. The process automatically migrates the selected content to the new application in a non destructive manner (the Source system content is not deleted or affected during the migration process). Simply select and click for a simple stress free migration.

✓ Fixed Price Migrations

Cloudifier by T-Systems is a Fixed Fee model based on migrated content volumes. Simply pay for the volume of content you wish to migrate and click through for a stress free migration solution.

Reliable migration of cloud based content applications Request a Demo

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