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Legacy Digital Workspace

A legacy digital workspace represents an outdated and often inefficient technology infrastructure for collaboration and productivity. Migrating away from legacy systems is crucial for embracing modern tools, and also for ensuring a seamless, secure, and adaptable digital environment that aligns with evolving business needs and technological advancements.

A legacy digital workspace is an online environment that enables users to collaborate and communicate in an organized and secure manner. It typically contains a range of features, such as document sharing, task management, version control, calendars, discussion forums, instant messaging, and various other tools which  help teams work together. Content within a legacy digital workspace may include documents, images, videos, and other files.

Additionally, our analysis will aim to determine some initial metrics around the performance of the source systems and network. This information will feed into the final migration execution plan to ensure that timelines are met.

Reports will be produced regularly, detailing the findings of the analysis phase along with observations and recommendations from the migration team.

Vamosa: Seamless Legacy Workspace Content Migration

Vamosa can help you to migrate all of your legacy workspace content – for example into Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Viva. This is achieved using our process, people and technology to ensure a non disruptive migration:


Identify the content in the legacy digital workspace that you want to migrate to Microsoft 365. This could include documents, images, videos, and other files.

Create a plan for the migration by considering the following:
• Which type of content will be migrated?
• How will the content be moved to Microsoft 365?
• What security measures should be taken to protect the data?
• How will users access the content after the migration?

Create the destination Microsoft 365 environment by setting up the necessary accounts, services, and storage locations.

Migration Architect will be trained to map all data, metadata, security attributes and structure between the source and target system

Test the migrated content to ensure that it is accessible and usable in the new environment.

Train users on how to use the new environment and access their migrated content.

Monitor the migration and usage of the new environment to ensure that everything is running smoothly.

Why use T-Systems for Legacy Digital Workspace Migrations?

The way you do things matters more than the actions themselves. For over twenty years, we at Vamosa have followed a proven seven-step method for migration, consistently delivering excellent results.

Vamosa offers the complete package: products, personnel, and a systematic process to modernize, consolidate, and restructure content. We prioritize accuracy, transparency, and ensure zero downtime for your existing site.

We don’t consider our job done until everything is accomplished. Our team has successfully completed numerous projects, leaving behind satisfied customers. Furthermore, we have the full support of T-Systems, the technology subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG.

Vamosa Connectors

T-Systems has delivered content migration projects for the following systems. The flexible nature of the migration platform enables connectors to be written for any system, so in theory there is no restriction on the target system that can be loaded to with the T-Systems tooling.

T-Systems Vamosa Microsoft-logo


SharePoint 2003, SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013, M365, Teams

T-Systems Vamosa IBM-Logo


WCM, FileNet, Connections (now HCL), Quickr, SmartCloud, Notes, Domino, Content Manager, CM/OD

T-Systems Vamosa Adobe-Logo


Day CQ4, CQ5, AEM

Do you have a particular inquiry regarding your current or future system? Please feel free to arrange a call to discuss and advise.

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