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Staffbase, Unily, Lumapps, Coyo

Migrating into platforms like Staffbase, Unily, LumApps, and Coyo revolutionizes internal communication and collaboration. These robust solutions offer diverse features from employee engagement tools to personalized content delivery. Migrating to these platforms ensures a modern, integrated digital workplace, fostering seamless collaboration and enhancing the employee experience.

Migrating content into any of these platforms is relatively straightforward. Each of these platforms offers an easy-to-use content migration path using Migration Architect that enables you to quickly and easily transfer content from one platform to another.

For Staffbase

you can use our Migration Architect to migrate content from various sources, including HTML, Word documents, PDFs, and other content formats.

For Unily

you can use our Migration Architect to migrate content from SharePoint, Yammer, HTML, and other content formats.

For Lumapps

you can use our Migration Architect to transfer content from a variety of sources, including SharePoint, Office 365, and other content formats.

For Coyo

you can use our Migration Architect to migrate content from a variety of sources, including HTML, Word documents, PDFs, and other content formats.

Why use T-Systems for Staffbase, Unily, Lumapps, Coyo Migrations?

The key to success is not just what you do, but how you do it. Our tried-and-true approach has been in practice now for over two decades. Our migration process, consisting of seven well-defined steps, consistently yields positive outcomes.

Vamosa specializes in providing the necessary products, skilled professionals, and streamlined procedures to modernize, consolidate, and restructure content. We prioritize accuracy, transparency, and ensure zero downtime during the transition on your existing site.

We stay committed until the job is complete. Our team has successfully delivered hundreds of projects, earning the satisfaction of our clients. Additionally, we are supported by T-Systems, the technology subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG.

Vamosa Connectors

T-Systems has successfully delivered content migration projects for the following systems. The flexible nature of the migration platform enables connectors to be written for any system so in theory there is no restriction on the target system that can be loaded to with the T-Systems tooling.

T-Systems Vamosa Microsoft-logo


SharePoint 2003, SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013, M365, Teams

T-Systems Vamosa IBM-Logo


WCM, FileNet, Connections (now HCL), Quickr, SmartCloud, Notes, Domino, Content Manager, CM/OD

T-Systems Vamosa Adobe-Logo


Day CQ4, CQ5, AEM

Do you have a particular inquiry regarding your current or future system? Please feel free to arrange a call to discuss and advise.

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