Document/Records Migrations

Solutions that manage your requirements around
acquisitions, regulatory legislation and information governance

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- Document and Records Management Migrations -

Delivering tried and tested solutions that manage the requirements around acquisitions, regulatory legislation and information governance

We migrate content from file systems, NetApp Filers, SAP Archives, Google Drive, GSuite AWS storage, Content Management Systems and Collaborative platforms, and a myriad of other bespoke systems.  Our interest is in preserving what matters to you and bringing it forward into your new file store or vault, and ensuring you have what you need when you need it.


Capture all content and metadata in scope for migration


Adding metadata where required to make the content usable, viewable and findable


Load content minimising business impact


Full audit report covering each content item

- Why choose T-Systems documents and records migration solution? -

✓ With years of experience our customers trust us with their data

T-Systems has been successfully migrating our customers Document and Records Management systems for two decades. No project is too small or large with references of successful migrations ranging from a few hundred Gigabytes to hundreds of Terabytes. Our proven methodology and experienced consultants deliver simple, reliable and secure solutions.

✓ Seamless Migration, Effective Consolidation

Whether its a straight forward technology upgrade from one platform to another or the consolidation of multiple systems to a single unified platform. T-Systems has the proven ability to deliver simple, secure, reliable solutions. T-Systems consultants can build extensive, repeatable complex migration frameworks to: automatically identify the type of content and process it appropriately, condition the content to fit and work inside the new platform, add all required metadata and tags to ensure the content is used and can be found correctly and automatically translate all links to ensure the content relationships are correct in the new target system

✓ From Anywhere to Anywhere

Utlising the proprietory API based T-Systems Connectors, T-Systems has the ability to capture content from any source and once consolidated and transformed load into any platform. Why not contact us to check we can deliver your required migration solution.

✓ Document Sanitation and Regeneration

If you’re thinking of migrating documents into your corporate systems from untrusted sources then we recommend utlising our document sanitisation and regeneration capability into your existing business processes or applications. Have complete confidence that processed documents are safe, compliant and malware free. The solution removes deviations from the published specification, as well as common threat vectors (Macros, JavaScript etc…) before regenerating from the published specification to create a standardised and compliant file.

✓ Stream or Stage

Depending upon volume, sensitivity and, of course, preference your data can be streamed from source to target or staged via a migration server.  Each approach has various benefits and T-System’s consultants are fully conversant with both approaches: choose what suits you to get what you need.

✓ Full Audit Reporting

Verifying that what you wanted to happen to your data actually happened, is simplicity itself with T-Systems: T-Systems Migration Architect can provide full reports detailing what has happened to content as it passed through the migration process.  Migration Architect generates: source to target maps that show movement from source to target; digital fingerprinting to give you the peace of mind that content has not changed in the migration process; full traceability at any given stage of the migration process.

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