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Documentum to SharePoint Migration

Migrate from Documentum to SharePoint

Vamosa Migration Architect allows you to meet the challenges of Documentum content migration to your choice of target environment.

With our migration software, Vamosa Migration Architect in combination with our Documentum connector, Vamosa offers the possibility to migrate repositories, documents and metadata from and to EMC Documentum. With our connectors we support almost every source and target system, giving you the flexibility, you are looking for with 100% result.

Our migration tool not only migrates Documentum content but allows you to enrich, restructure and classify content prior to and during the migration process. Vamosa Migration Architect seamlessly migrates Documentum content while maintaining metadata, custom properties and custom views.

Your content migration from Documentum doesn’t need to be complicated. Vamosa Migration Architect provides a fast and reliable content migration solution capable of handling even the most complex Documentum content migration projects with ease.


Automated link translation

Automatically update links inside documents to keep them active post-migration.

Retain and enrich content metadata

Set the level of metadata value you want to transfer from your source system to your new target system.

Full audit trail

Maintain a full document level audit trail post-migration.

Advanced format conversion

Transform image to PDF and other document format conversion.

High performance scalability

Migrate tens of terabytes per day using our scalable, high-throughput engine.
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