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Cloud native solutions

Cloud native content migration is the process of moving content from on premise or cloud platforms to a modernised cloud infrastructure. This is typically done to enable a new deployment of services or applications on a different cloud provider. The process can be complicated and time consuming, depending on the amount and type of content that needs to be migrated. It can involve moving data from a legacy system to a cloud-native one, or from an existing cloud provider to a new one. It can also involve migrating applications and services in the cloud, such as databases, web servers, and storage.

The goal of cloud native content migration is to ensure that data, applications, and services are available on the new cloud platform with minimal disruption to users. This can be done using Vamosa’s automated tools to transfer data from the source platform to the target platform, as well as by manually migrating the content. In some cases, it may also be necessary to update the existing applications and services to ensure they are compatible with the new platform. Additionally, the security of the new platform may need to be verified to ensure that the migrated content is secure.

Why use T-Systems for Cloud-native solutions Migrations?

Vamosa have a wealth of experience with data migration for on-premise systems, cloud installations or hybrid environments.

We have successfully migrated customers to – and from – IBM Connections Cloud, Microsoft Office365 and many other Cloud environment platforms, including private Cloud instances, all while maintaining the device security necessary for the modern workplace.

Vamosa Connectors

T-Systems has delivered content migration projects for the following systems. The flexible nature of our migration platform enables connectors to be written for any system so in theory there is no restriction on the target system that can be loaded to with the T-Systems tooling.

T-Systems Vamosa Microsoft-logo


SharePoint 2003, SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013, M365, Teams

T-Systems Vamosa IBM-Logo


WCM, FileNet, Connections (now HCL), Quickr, SmartCloud, Notes, Domino, Content Manager, CM/OD

T-Systems Vamosa Adobe-Logo


Day CQ4, CQ5, AEM

Do you have a particular inquiry regarding your current or future system? Please feel free to arrange a call to discuss and advise.

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