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Controlling the tsunami of records

Governance takes a major part in all of our data migration projects , small or large.  Our people and our technology enable customers to integrate the correct level of governance based around a clear set of principles:


Implement data archiving and deletion policies: Establish rules and procedures for archiving data that is no longer needed and for deleting data that is no longer valid.

Invest in data analytics tools: Invest in data analytics tools that can help simplify and manage large volumes of data records.

Use data compression: Utilize data compression tools to reduce the size of data records and make them more manageable.

Leverage cloud storage solutions: Leverage cloud-based storage solutions to store and manage data records.

Use automation: Automation can help streamline data management processes and reduce manual data entry.

Secure data with encryption: Encrypt sensitive data to protect it from unauthorized access.

Why use T-Systems for Enterprise Content Migrations?

In ECM systems, documents and records receive added metadata and workflow procedures, making it vital to maintain these supplementary characteristics, along with the data’s arrangement and structure.

Vamosa provides essential solutions, expert staff, and a methodical approach to contemporize, unify, and rearrange documents and records with accuracy, openness, and without causing any interruption to your existing platform.

Our dedication remains steadfast until the job is done. Throughout time, our team has effectively completed multiple projects, garnering the approval of our customers. Furthermore, we enjoy the backing of T-Systems, the technological affiliate of Deutsche Telekom AG.

Vamosa Connectors

T-Systems has delivered content migration projects for the following systems. The flexible nature of the migration platform enables connectors to be written for any system so in theory there is no restriction on the target system that can be loaded to with the T-Systems tooling.

T-Systems Vamosa Microsoft-logo


SharePoint 2003, SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013, M365, Teams

T-Systems Vamosa IBM-Logo


WCM, FileNet, Connections (now HCL), Quickr, SmartCloud, Notes, Domino, Content Manager, CM/OD

T-Systems Vamosa Adobe-Logo


Day CQ4, CQ5, AEM

Do you have a particular inquiry regarding your current or future system? Please feel free to arrange a call to discuss and advise.

Case Study

Read our case study about a Globabl Energy Company which required to Migrate 5TB of Exchange public folder data with approx. 43 million documents to Microsoft O365 environment.

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