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Governance rules!

Governance rules play a pivotal role in optimizing your Content Management System (CMS). By establishing clear guidelines for content creation, publication, and maintenance, organizations ensure consistency, compliance, and effective management of digital assets. This systematic approach enhances user experience, streamlines workflows, and ultimately maximizes the potential of the CMS for seamless content delivery and maintenance.

Governance takes a major part in all of our projects , small or large.  Our people and our technology enable our customers to integrate the correct level of governance based around a set of principles:


Ensure all content is accurate, up-to-date, and relevant to the company’s mission and core values.

Ensure all content is compliant with laws and regulations, including GDPR, copyright and privacy laws.

Establish a process for reviewing and approving all content before it is published.

Educate employees on the rules and procedures related to content governance.

Monitor and audit content regularly to ensure compliance with rules.

Establish a process for quickly correcting errors and removing inappropriate content.

Establish rules for how content is archived and deleted.

Establish a process for responding to inquiries, complaints, and comments about content.

Establish rules for acceptable use of content, including permissions for use and access.

Establish rules for protecting confidential and sensitive information.

Why use T-Systems for Enterprise Content Migrations?

ECM systems ensure that documents and records are accompanied by additional metadata and workflow processes. It is crucial to preserve these extended attributes, along with the data’s structure and hierarchy.

Vamosa offers a comprehensive solution, including products, skilled personnel, and a systematic process, to modernize, consolidate, and restructure documents and records. Our approach guarantees accuracy, transparency, and zero downtime for your existing site.

We are committed to seeing the task through to completion. Our team has successfully delivered numerous projects, earning the satisfaction of our clients. Additionally, we are supported by T-Systems, the technology subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG.

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