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OpenText and Documentum

OpenText and Documentum are prominent enterprise content management platforms. OpenText provides a comprehensive suite for document management, workflow automation, and information governance. Documentum, acquired by OpenText, specializes in ECM solutions, offering robust tools for content creation, collaboration, and compliance. Both platforms serve organisations in managing and optimizing their document-centric processes.

Vamosa Services provides a number of options for automating content migration out of OpenText and Documentum. This includes automated content analysis to identify content that needs to be migrated and automated content transformation to ensure the content is properly formatted for the new system. Additionally, Vamosa Services provides automated content migration, which enables the transfer of content from OpenText and Documentum into another system with minimal effort.

Why use T-Systems for Enterprise Content Migrations?

ECM systems ensure that documents and records are equipped with comprehensive metadata and workflow processes. Preserving these extended attributes, along with the data’s structure and hierarchy, is crucial.

Vamosa offers a comprehensive solution comprising products, skilled professionals, and a streamlined process to modernize, consolidate, and restructure documents and records. Our approach guarantees accuracy, transparency, and zero downtime for your current site.

We are committed to completing the task at hand before considering it done. With a track record of delivering successful projects to satisfied clients, our team ensures customer satisfaction. Additionally, we are backed by the support of T-Systems, the technology subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom AG.

Vamosa Connectors

T-Systems has delivered content migration projects for the following systems. The flexible nature of the migration platform enables connectors to be written for any system so in theory there is no restriction on the target system that can be loaded to with the T-Systems tooling.

T-Systems Vamosa Microsoft-logo


SharePoint 2003, SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013, M365, Teams

T-Systems Vamosa IBM-Logo


WCM, FileNet, Connections (now HCL), Quickr, SmartCloud, Notes, Domino, Content Manager, CM/OD

T-Systems Vamosa Adobe-Logo


Day CQ4, CQ5, AEM

Do you have a particular inquiry regarding your current or future system? Please feel free to arrange a call to discuss and advise.

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