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Migrate your newly acquired content and IP securely and reliably with T-Systems. Maximise your profitability by minimising your integration time

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- Integrating your Mergers and Acquisitions -

We work with you to formalise your migration strategy to deliver tried and tested solutions that will minimise effort spent on data consolidation and formatting your new content, allowing you to get working with your content as quickly as possible.


Capture all content and related metadata in scope for migration. No impact to source systems and content authors


Make your content searchable, usable, readable and secure. Standardise your content inline with your internal governance

Load & Integrate

Load the content into your new consolidated platform; minimise business impact, reduce cost and efficiency with data integration


Full audit reporting covers each content item processed – highlighting the transformations applied and migration result

- Why choose T-Systems to support you on your journey through M&A/Consolidation projects? -

✓ Scale is not an issue

Our proven methodology and software will scale a robust and repeatable solution.  We have supported many large blue chip organisations through their M&A process – all resounding successes!

✓ Best fit

Our migration methodology and experience fit perfectly with M&A activities: your documents and records, mailboxes, collaboration systems, intranets and websites and directory services are all in the best hands when entrusted to T-Systems

✓ Work with your content, not on it

Our migration expertise and technology will standardise your content and metadata to match your needs: let T-Systems do the legwork so you can leverage your content in the most efficient manner

✓ Evaluation and Correction

Our processes and methodology are proven, that does not mean set in stone: we measure, analyse and review with feedback from you.  Improvement and innovation are key to success: let T-Systems make a success of your data

✓ Due Diligence

Your data is safe and secure in our hands: there are no better stewards for your data than T-Systems.  We analyse your content before giving you a list of recommendations, based on business needs and our best practice.  Every solution is a best-fit on an individual basis

✓ Resiliency and backups

Our non-destructive process means that you will retain the data in its original format as well as having the post-merge form of it available, giving you peace of mind.  Our archival options (from point in time, or PIT, backups suitable for legal requirements, to custom archival backups) offer extended peace of mind, allowing you to choose what suits your business and legal needs

✓ Honesty and transparency

A robust migration process provides full logging, auditing and reporting to ensure every action taken is traceable and tracked.  All transformations are agreed with your approval and verified prior to production migration to ensure we deliver the expected migration result

✓ Culture alignment

Just as it is important during an M&A for the cultures of the companies involved to align, so too with its data: we help align your data so that form follows purpose, while meeting your requirements.  With clarity of purpose, the data will continue to be useful and usable long after the migration and merger

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