The Challenge

  • Migrate 5,000 communities, 17,000 profiles and 3TB from IBM Connections Cloud to M365 and Beezy
  • Switch users to Beezy over the course of one weekend
  • Migrate content of external users and those whom have left the organization
  • Planned date for Decommission of existing system
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The Solution

  • Consulting services and tool-set to perform the phased migration
  • Workshops to define mappings and solutions based on analysis and expertise
  • Multiple trial migrations
  • Migrate content in background to target systems over approximately one month
  • Multiple delta migrations with final migration over weekend before go-live

The Benefits

  • Zero interruption to normal business during transition to M365 and Beezy
  • Traceability of migrated content at the point of load, including URL mapping
  • Trial migration provided insight into migration result and opportunity to refine migration approach
  • Multiple delta migrations ensured seamless transition.  Available Monday morning with no disruption to service

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