The Challenge

  • Migrate more than 40,000 Connection Communities to SharePoint.
  • Within these communities and user OneDrives migrate over 21million different content items with a size of over 76TB
  • Provide full reports of all content migrated as reference.
  • Zero impact to user experience.
  • Connections would be decommissioned, and the content had to be moved within a fixed timeframe
T-Systems Vamosa SharePoint-logo-sized

The Solution

  • Migration toolset used to perform the migration, following the Vamosa migration methodology
  • Consulting Services provided to ensure the migration transformation approach was the most suitable
  • Agile validation phase to incrementally build, refine and approve result prior to production phase
  • Customer dedicated QA team who worked closely with T-Systems during iterative testing cycles
  • URL mapping provided as input into Customer URL Redirection Tool

The Benefits

  • Zero interruption to normal business during migration phase, end users unaware of migration activity
  • Traceability of migrated content through source, transformation and load, including URL mapping
  • Iterative validation provided insight into migration result along with opportunity to refine migration approach
  • Content migrated securely and was accessible to users as per the source by applying access control across all Office sites and OneDrive accounts