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Have an Intranet or website?  How do you go about migrating all of this content to your new environment?
Migrating your content need not be a battle, download our short white paper to find out more. Read More

    What are the reasons for migrating a Web and Intranet systems?

    It is important to understand content migration concepts and why organisations need to migrate content to a new CMS.  Typically they are facing one of the following scenarios:

    • moving from on-premise systems to the Cloud or hybrid environments
    • moving from the Cloud back to an on-premise or hybrid system
    • integrating intranet and internet sites into a common platform
    • upgrading of the current CMS to a new platform or a platform with no upgrade path

    Vamosa’s Migration Architect manages link translation for migration to all CMS systems.  It also has the ability to easily transform your source content into the required shape for your chosen target CMS.