Rescue options for the end of life of Connections Social Cloud and Verse

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Rescue options for the end of life of Connections Social Cloud and Verse

Are you affected by the new HCL strategy for your ex IBM Cloud service for Connections and Mail? With the existing Cloud Connections service closing by 16th July 2020, your content has to be rescued. T-Systems has been providing full data migrations to the Connections community for many years. We were IBM partner of choice for migration into Connections – both On-Premise and Cloud migrations.

We have the team, the tools and the know how to build a blueprint with you to ensure that the end-of-life for Connections and Verse – contact us now to talk about your options.

HCL Connections - what are your options?

HCL to On Premise Connections Migrations by Vamosa a T-Systems CompanyRevert Back to On Premise Connections

As Connections On Premise is a broader data model than Social Cloud, reversion shouldn’t be too much of a data mapping challenge. You do have to ensure that it is carried out methodically, and with all data moved across. Zero impact on day-to-day operations is essential.

HCL to Office 365 Migrations by Vamosa a T-Systems CompanyMove to another platform such as Office 365

The challenges of moving to another platform can be alleviated by a smart migration.
Vamosa has been delivering smart content migrations for almost twenty years.

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HCL to Beezy Migrations by Vamosa a T-Systems CompanyMove into a social application such as Beezy

The smartest move is to an application that supports the full social spectrum of Connections – Beezy is such an alternative and Vamosa can help you to get there in double quick time.

We are partners with Beezy and have access to the same team that implement your system so we can create a true implementation approach.

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Migrating to SharePoint from IBM Connections

Acquisition and Divestiture

Migrations during
Merger and Acquisitions

What else is included?

✓ Support for Yammer and Microsoft Teams

We support the migration of your Communities to Yammer and/or Microsoft Teams, if desired, allowing further collaboration capability within Office 365.

✓ Personal and Community content

As well as your private, public, moderated and sub communities, we have the capability to migrate all personal content, including: files, activities, forums, wikis and blogs to SharePoint and Office 365.

✓ Metadata and Link integrity

Each content item’s associated metadata is preserved when migrating from IBM Connections to SharePoint/Office 365, this includes: original creator and any modifiers, created and modified dates, filenames and tags. Using our sophisticated link translation process we will ensure all of your internal links and references to IBM Connections are transformed to their new referenced location within SharePoint or Office 365.

✓ IBM Domino and Notes migrations

If you are looking to migrate your email services to Outlook, Exchange or Office 365 we also offer email migrations. This includes Calendars, Attachments, Contacts and Distribution Lists.

- Why Vamosa? -

✓ Dependability

You can depend on our knowledgeable consultants: with years of experience, they have gained an unparalleled breadth of knowledge and intimate level of understanding in migrating to and from both IBM Connections and SharePoint/Office 365, since the inception of both collaboration environments.

✓ Accurate results

Our bespoke tool has been specifically created as a dedicated engine to carefully and securely transport your data. Our software also comes with the capability to provide full traceability reporting, verifiably assuring that your valuable content has reached its intended location.

✓ Flexible

Our migration solution can be tailored to suit your needs. Choose to migrate all of your IBM Connections content using our proven process or work with our migration experts to define a solution that works for your business requirements.

✓ Minimal disruption

Using our process, downtime can be a thing of the past. We migrate your collaboration environment with minimal disruption to your user base, allowing them to carry on operating as normal before seamlessly transitioning to the SharePoint or Office 365 environment when the migration is complete. Read our whitepaper to find out more.

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