Migrating Social/Collaboration Platforms

Migrate your company’s Social and Collaboration
Content easily, securely and reliably

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- Migrating Social and Collaboration Platforms -

Delivering tried and tested solutions that managed wikis and blogs, maintain comments likes and feedback while mapping functionality to maintain content authenticity


Capture all content and metadata in scope for migration


Make the content usable, viewable and findable


Load content minimising business impact


Full audit report covering each content item

- Why choose T-Systems social and collaboration migration solution? -

✓ With years of experience our customers trust us with their data

T-Systems has been successfully migrating our customers social and collaboration content for many years. No project is too small or large with references of successful migrations ranging from Confluence, SharePoint, Connections, Jive, Slack etc. Our proven methodology and experienced consultants deliver simple, reliable and secure solutions.

✓ Seamless Migration, Effective Consolidation

Whether its a straight forward technology upgrade from one platform to another or the consolidation of multiple platforms to a single unified platform , T-Systems has the proven ability to deliver simple, secure, reliable solutions. T-Systems consultants will map your social and collaboration content to the new platform, ensuring that all ‘likes’, ‘comments’, ‘mentions’ and ‘networks’ are maintained. All required metadata and tags are maintained to ensure the content is used and can be found correctly, your links are automatically translated ensuring the content relationships are correct in the new system

✓ From Anywhere to Anywhere

Utlising the proprietory API based T-Systems Connectors, T-Systems has the ability to capture content from any source and once consolidated and transformed load into any platform. Why not contact us to check we can deliver your required migration solution.

✓ Content preservation for Compliance Risk

T-Systems utilise a solution that can properly archive all different types of data and reproduce it in its native format. This way, should you ever need the data for any type of litigation, you’ll already have the information preserved in a legally defensible form. You’ll want to have this solution in place before you start your migration, to ensure that no data is lost in the process.

✓ Full Audit Reporting

Making sure what you wanted to happen to your content actually happened is a simple matter with T-Systems. T-Systems Migration Architect provides full reports that detail what has happened to content as it has passed through the process.  Migration Architect automatically generates source to target maps showing where all content has been moved from and to where, digital fingerprints to prove that the actual content has not changed in the migration process and full log details of what was changed and when.

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